About Whomesome

At Whomesome, we believe that everyone should be striving to live in a healthy environment. We understand that it is nearly impossible for you to control the external environment, but we consider the quality of your home environment is mainly in your hands to change. With just a bit of knowledge and a few simple changes, you can improve your space to support your health and wellbeing. We created Whomesome to make the process quick, easy and cost-effective for you to embark upon.

Why is a healthy environment important?

Our bodies are constantly being bombarded by chemicals from outdoor pollution. These harmful toxins make their way into your homes through air, water, food, cleaning products, new furniture, and personal care products- you can't escape them. The body is brilliant and can cleanse itself under optimal conditions. But most of us haven't lived in optimal conditions since the Industrial Revolution! As a result, our bodies are overtaxed by chemicals and tired from constantly trying to cleanse the toxins we are exposed to.

We are in need of a change. It is time to bring the focus back to our health and optimise how we are living.

Our promise to you

Cleaning up your environment can be time-consuming and costly. We dedicate our time to researching, talking to experts, and evaluating our findings, so you don't have to. We don't promise that all the solutions will be free. Instead, we bring you solutions that are, to our best knowledge, the most reliable and the most cost-efficient. Living healthy does not need to break your bank account or fill up your calendar.

The team behind Whomesome

We are a small family team at Whomesome- Andri, Miriam, and our dog Jacinto!

Both of us are independent researchers and experts in different areas of health and wellness. We've already been working in this space for several years; Andri has published his first book “Mastering Fasting” this year, and Miriam specialises in all things related to female health. Jacinto is in charge of ensuring we don't sit behind the glowy boxes on our desks for too long and takes us for carefully scheduled walks. A proper health advocate!

The idea for Whomesome didn't just land in our laps.

In April 2021, we moved to Portugal to chase the sunshine, the waves, and new adventures. We found ourselves living in a cold country with a hot sun. We have come to learn that locations with such a climate are notorious for moldy houses. And mold is what happened to us in our first new home. Big time!

Before we had properly settled in or even moved all our furniture in, something started to feel very off. The onset of several health issues was our cue that it wasn't all in our heads. It didn't take us long to figure out we had massive mold infestation in the kitchen. We moved immediately and started our research on detoxing ourselves and keeping our next home mold-free and safe.

Finding good information was relatively easy as we both knew where to look. But it was all scattered, and many solutions were unclear or sketchy.

We decided to build our own space to help those who want to improve their environment and health and understand the vital link between the two.

Welcome to Whomesome!