Healthy Home Guide

A Comprehensive Blueprint for Crafting a Safe and Healthy Living Space for your whole family

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Our modern environment is filled with invisible, harmful compounds that can have a significant negative impact on our health.

This book is designed to help you identify and avoid these hidden dangers, creating a nurturing environment that promotes better health for you and your loved ones.

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Our journey to healthier living began when we realized the impact our surroundings had on our well-being. We were inspired to dive deep into the research and find practical solutions that anyone could implement in their own homes.

The Healthy Home Guide is the result of countless hours of research, consultation with experts, and personal experimentation. It's a labor of love, and we're excited to share our findings with you.

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The Healthy Home Guide is packed with valuable information, practical tips, and expert advice on creating a healthier indoor environment.

By following the guidance in this book, you can expect to...

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the sources of indoor pollution and their effects on health and wellbeing
  • Learn how to assess and improve your home's indoor air quality, ventilation system, and overall environmental health
  • Discover room-by-room solutions for reducing exposure to harmful compounds and creating a nurturing living space
  • Implement lifestyle changes that support a healthier home, including eco-friendly habits and grounding techniques
  • Access a wealth of resources for selecting clean products, professional services, and indoor air quality testing devices

By incorporating the principles and practices presented here, you'll not only create a safer environment but also enhance the quality of life for you and your family.

With step-by-step guidance and practical solutions, this book is your ultimate roadmap to a healthier, happier home.

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“The Healthy Home Guide helped me uncover hidden toxins in my home. With its practical advice, my family's energy levels and well-being improved significantly. A life-changing resource!”

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Sarah M.


“I always prioritized a healthy lifestyle but didn't realize my home's impact. The guide revealed hidden dangers and provided actionable steps for improvement. I couldn't be happier!”

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Kevin H.

Sales Associate

“This guide has been a game-changer. My frequent headaches and allergies reduced drastically, and my home feels fresher and cleaner than ever before. Highly recommended!”

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Mark T.

IT Support Specialist

“The Healthy Home Guide opened my eyes to the connection between my home and health. By implementing its advice, I've experienced better sleep and fewer allergy symptoms. Essential reading!"

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Emily P.

Financial Analyst

“As a mother, the Healthy Home Guide empowered me to create a safe environment for my children. The peace of mind it brought is priceless!”

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Amanda L.

Family Caregiver

"This guide is a must-have for anyone looking to improve their indoor environment. The practical tips and information were invaluable in transforming my home into a healthier space. Don't miss out!"

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What’s in the book

Because we know your time is valuable, here’s the short summary of this book.

🏠 When Home Becomes a Hazard

Discover the hidden dangers lurking in your living space and learn how to address them. Protect your family's health by understanding the risks and taking action.

🌸 The Smelly Business of Fragrances

Uncover the truth behind the pleasant scents of air fresheners, perfumes, and candles. Learn how to choose safer alternatives to keep your home smelling fresh without compromising your health.

💄 Unmasking Personal Care Products

Explore the potentially harmful ingredients in everyday personal care items like deodorants, hair products, and makeup. Find out how to choose healthier options for you and your family.

🧼 The Dirty Truth About Cleaning Supplies

Learn about the toxic chemicals hiding in common cleaning products and how they impact your health. Discover effective and eco-friendly alternatives to keep your home clean and safe.

🛏️ Household Hidden Hazards

Delve into the dangers of Teflon, trash bags, plastic containers, and store receipts. Equip yourself with the knowledge to make informed choices for a healthier home.

🦠 The Secret Life of Mold

Understand the health risks associated with mold and how to prevent its growth. Learn effective mold remediation techniques to safeguard your home.

🧹 Dust's Deceptive Toxin Collection

Find out how dust accumulates toxins in your home and the impact it has on your health. Learn practical strategies to minimize dust and improve your indoor environment.

🛋️ New Stuff Nightmares

Discover the health concerns associated with new furniture, building materials, carpets, and more. Learn how to choose safer options and minimize your exposure to harmful off-gassing.

🌳 Outdoor Pollutants Invading Your Home

Learn about the outdoor pollutants that can make their way indoors, affecting your health and wellbeing. Implement practical solutions to keep these unwelcome intruders at bay.

🚰 Tapping Troublesome Waters

Understand the potential contaminants in your tap water and their impact on your health. Find out how to ensure clean and safe water for drinking, cooking, and washing.

📱 The Dark Side of Your Smart Devices

Discover the hidden health risks associated with excessive electronic device usage and electromagnetic fields. Learn how to reduce your exposure and create a healthier living space.

🌿 Building Your Healthy Home Sanctuary

Gain the knowledge and tools needed to create a toxin-free, nurturing environment for you and your family. Begin your journey towards a healthier, happier home today.

The Secret Life of Mold

Discover the hidden world of mold in your home and the impact it can have on your health. Learn how to prevent, detect, and eliminate mold to ensure a clean and safe living environment for you and your family. Don't let these sneaky spores sabotage your home!

Meet the Authors

Portrait of Andri

Andri Peetso


Andri believes in taking control of your own well-being through functional and holistic practices, and focusing on addressing the toxins ans stressors in your environment to improve overall health and life quality.

Portrait of Miriam

Miriam Gubovicova


Miriam is certified holistic nutritionist, emphasizing the importance of clean living environments and balanced medical research. She guides clients to take charge of their own health and well-being, ensuring they receive tailored advice and support.

Healthy Home Guide

A Comprehensive Blueprint for Crafting a Safe and Healthy Living Space for your whole family

$12.99 — PDF E-BOOK

✅ Always up-to-date — all future versions included!
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