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And that’s pretty good!
Even though you're “Above Average”, we assume that you don't live in a cabin completely off-grid, so there's always something to improve.

- 👋 — here's why you should pay attention to your surroundings

You've arrived at this page likely already aware of the problems with modern-day environments. If not and if you have 15 minutes to spare, before moving on to your results we would recommend that you watch the mini-documentary on our YouTube channel for some context.

Turn your home into a place of healing

Healthy practises like dieting is hard, but making your environment healthy is surprisingly easy, as it doesn't require you to change your habits.

And it's also surprisingly cheap — most of these recommendations will actually save you money. That's because for the most part upgrading your environment only requires you to stop using certain products.

How to use this report

Depending on your score and the feedback you'll receive below, all of this can be overwhelming; we understand entirely.

The main thing is not to go crazy trying to change everything all at once. Instead, pick one of the points — the one you find easiest to address, and start from there.

To help you on your journey, we've put together a Healthy Home Guide — and no, it's not one of those scrappy ebooks. This is a real, information-packed publication, and it's still free — but it won't be free forever.

Here are your personalized recommendations

We know.
That's a lot of information to take in.

But don't let that intimidate or overwhelm you. Instead, look at it this way. You've now identified all the possible dangers around you, and this makes it easier for you to tackle them one by one.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make (and we've been down that road) is trying to fix everything at once. It will only frustrate and stress you out and won't be a lasting change. So instead, use this information to identify what's easiest to change for you and start from there.

You'll be surprised at how quickly you'll cross off most of the items from your list using this approach; and how easy it will be.

Here's the main trick. You can add as many fancy tools and practices as you want, but you can't outrun something that's making you unhealthy. So, it's all about eliminating these things.

The good news is, everyone can expect their health & wellbeing to improve when living in a clean environment! 🤗

Check out our Healthy Home Guide